Mural Painting

Do you have a blank wall in your home that bugs you every time you look at it? Maybe you want to add a touch of whimsy to a special room, or inspire a kiddo to dream big! 

We are so pleased to be able to offer mural painting, thanks to our newest team member, Nate! His designs are illustrative, and customized. If you want your home to house a custom art piece, this may be the route for you! 

Feeling inspired already? Let's get started!

"The drawing should add life to a space, a personalized personification of the spirit of the room. The painting should enhance your daily experience of the room, give your guests something to ask about and make you feel even more at home."

~ Nate

Mural Packages

Touch of Whimsy Starting at $1200 this package is perfect for accenting and personalizing a room. Includes 5 - 10 square feet of localized color 

Atmospheric Package This package is perfect for an immersive scene crafted by a few larger images along with small touches. It includes 2 figures up to 6 feet each and up to 10 square feet of localized embellishments. 

Wonderland Package This package is an all out encapsulating atmosphere. It transforms any room into a haven. It includes walls as well as ceiling space, up to six figures