Park Slope Bathroom Renovation

Carpentry and Woodworking:

Building the Chuppah for my Wedding

Restoring Mahogany Family Heirloom

Home Repairs:

Porch Repairs

Replacing Grout and Caulk

Refinishing Bathroom Floor

Replacing Bathroom Vanity

Ceiling Repairs


Restoring Heirloom Mirror

Repairing Grout

Repairing Floor Scratches

Garden Fountain

Smart Lock Installation

Removing and Replacing Caulk around Outdoor Grill

Removing Upper Cabinets

Refinishing Deck

Refinishing Another Deck

Installing Medicine Cabinet and Motion Sensor Lighting

Pressure Washing

Replacing Caulk Around Exterior Windows

Installing Custom Screens on Highrise Terrace

Repairing Shower Door

Electrical & Plumbing:

Repairing Fuse Box Repair

Replacing Recessed Lighting

Installing Dimmer Switches

Changing Light Fixture


Furniture Assembly: